Jonathon M. Aldridge is the Owner/ Director of Training for Iron Forge Consulting Group, as well as a Professional EMT-Firefighter for a Local Government in Virginia. Jonathon’s passion for teaching was discovered while teaching white belt classes in Karate as a young instructor. Having been involved in Martial Arts for over 14 years, he started his journey with American Freestyle Karate and then went on to train in a blended multi art program including Muay Thai, Filipino Martial Arts, & Jeet Kune Do. Jonathon has also trained in the Russian Martial Art of Systema and Brazilian Juijitsu. Jonathon’s most current venture in martial arts has been studying weapon based arts and firearms instruction.

Jonathon is a Certified Crisis Intervention Team Trainer and a Certified Trainer for Mental Health First Aid for Adults, as well as for Public Safety Providers. Jonathon has worked in Public Safety the last eight years in varying capacities; starting his career as an unpaid volunteer firefighter-EMT and quickly moving into private ambulance services and then emergency 911 response as an EMT-Firefighter. From 2014 until 2018 Jonathon was a reserve deputy sheriff for a Sheriff’s Office in Virginia, volunteering his time in the Patrol Division. He has been serving as a tactical medical provider for the last seven years as a member and team lead for a Rescue Task Force in support of SWAT/ERT Operations. Jonathon holds an Associates of Applied Sciences in the Administration of Justice and he also obtained two certificates (Law Enforcement Studies & Private Security Services Career Studies) while attending Dabney S. Lancaster Community College in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

Jonathon most recently has focused much of his time in becoming a private sector firearms instructor and has completed James Yeager of Tactical Response’s 5 Day Tactical Firearms Instructor Development Course as well as numerous other private sector firearms training's from Pat Goodale at PFT, John Farnam at DTI, and the Crew at Tactical Response.

Jonathon’s Training Resume Includes:

Martial Arts Training

-American Freestyle Karate (Brown Belt/ Senior Associate Instructor)
-Multi-Art Program; Muay Thai, Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do (Orange Belt)
-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (White Belt with a Stripe)
-Russian Martial Arts Systema (8 Months Training/ No Ranking Structure)

Firearms Training

-NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (8 Hours)
-Virginia DCJS Armed Private Security Training/Qualification (32 Hours)
-Virginia DCJS Auxiliary Law Enforcement Firearms Training (16 Hours)
-PFT Tactical Medical Seminar (4 Hours)
-PFT Low Light Seminar (4 Hours)
-PFT Room Entry/ Room Clearing Tactics Course (8 Hours)
-PFT Handgun CQB (8 Hours)
-PFT Vehicle Based Incidents (8 Hours)
-Tactical Response Fighting Pistol (16 Hours)
-Tactical Response Advanced Fighting Pistol (16 Hours)
-Tactical Response Tactical Instructor Development Course (55 Hours)
-Defense Training International Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack (20 Hours)
-Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office Patrol Rifle Operators Course (8 Hours)
-oAk grove teChnologies patrol Pistol Tactics (8hours)

Medical & Fire Training

-Virginia Certified Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B)
-Virginia DFP Firefighter I Certification
-Virginia DFP Firefighter II Certification
-Virginia DFP Fire Attack Essentials I Certification
-Virginia DFP EVOC Training(Class 1,2, & 3)
-Virginia DFP Hazmat Operations Training
-Virginia DFP Intro to Technical Rescue Mod 1
-Virginia DFP Intro to Technical Rescue Mod 2
-NAEMT TCCC-Provider Training
-NAEMT TECC-Provider Training
-Wilderness First Aid- Provider Training
-AHA CPR/BLS Training
-Search and Rescue Training for First Responders
-WMD/ Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders

Instructor/Trainer Certifications

-Tactical Response Tactical Firearms Instructor Development Course
-NAEMT Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Instructor
-Crisis Intervention Team Instructor
-Crisis Intervention Team Train-the-Trainer Instructor
-Mental Health First Aid for Adults Trainer
-Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety Trainer
-AHA CPR/ HeartSaver First Aid/ BLS Instructor (awaiting monitoring)
-American Freestyle Karate Senior Associate Instructor

Other Miscellaneous Training

-4 Years of Computer Aided Design Training (Basic Drafting, Advanced Drafting/3d Drafting, ARCHITECTURAL Design, Drafting for Engineering)  
-Sirchie Comphotofit +Color III Certified (Facial Composite Sketches)
-Virginia DCJS Registered Private Investigator (inactive)
-FBI Virtual Academy Active Shooter Training
-FBI Virtual Academy Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Training
-FBI Virtual Academy Android Device Security Precautions Training
-FBI Virtual Academy Certified Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Training