Iron Forge Consulting Group is pleased to offer several consulting options for individuals, Organizations, and Government Entities. Contact us today for a free consultation and a price quote based on your individual needs. All Assessments and Consulting Services include a detailed Suggested Action Plan.

Physical Threat Risk Assessment- We offer assessments that comprehensively examine the physical vulnerabilities pertaining to any site or infrastructure in question.

Cyber Threat Risk Assessment- We offer assessments that extensively investigate the cyber and electronic vulnerabilities for your network.

Combined Physical & Cyber Threat Risk Assessment- During a Combined Assessment we will examine both the physical and cyber aspects of your organization, providing insight into how both physical and electronic risk interface with the human component.

Policy and Best Practices Review- As an independent and objective source of investigation we can look into a multitude of policy and procedure issues with a Suggested Action Plan being provided upon completion.

Equipment and Product Testing/Consulting- Developing a product? Need Comprehensive Testing done? Iron Forge Consulting Group provides unbiased and professional reports to manufacturers based on our years of multi disciplinary experience. We also offer our services to organizations who are looking to purchase equipment. Let us save you time and money by doing all the testing/evaluation before your potential purchases.

Film and Production Company Consulting- Filming a Movie or Television Program where you have to get the details just right? Look no further than Iron Forge Consulting Group, with our large pool of Subject Matter Expert Contractors we can assist you in getting those details exactly right for your film project.